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Startup Digest Education - Issue #50 - Brain science, China, and IE Rockets 🚀

Some great articles for you this week including new openings in the IE Rockets program, news from Chi
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Startup Digest Education
Startup Digest Education
The latest news and information about startups and innovations in education.
Some great articles for you this week including new openings in the IE Rockets program, news from China, what’s new in brain science, and more 🧠
In 2018, Chinese startups received over 50% of all the capital invested by venture capitalists in EdTechs worldwide. Beijing has the highest concentration of EdTech companies per capita globally, at 120 EdTech companies per million people, followed by New York (117), the Bay Area (91), and Bangalore (77).
China saw the establishment of 97 new “unicorn” companies in 2018. As of February 2019, CBInsights lists six EdTech unicorns, five of which were born in China. The EdTech market in China is likely to continue to grow for three key reasons: culture, scale, government support.   •   Share

A new study gives evidence that teaching math in a way that encourages a growth mindset increases motivation and changes the way learners think through problems. Students who worked on the grow-adapted questions experienced shifting activity on the left side of the prefrontal cortex.
  • Some approaches used to encourage growth mindset in this study were:
  • Ask students to explain the math in a visual representation.
  • Give students opportunities to conduct their own inquiries.
  • Ask students to convince someone of their findings.

So what is the state of the industry? On the one hand, it is an exciting time of transition. The big players are struggling, the market is more open to midsize providers, and even small competitors can get scale via social marketing and online distribution. On the other hand, the fundamentals of K-12 demand are mostly unchanged. Schools spend on content, activities and tests, then piece them together. School budgets are relatively flat year to year, and so growth tends to be zero-sum. And yet investment keeps pouring in.

As access to devices in K-12 schools becomes more prevalent than ever, it is important to evaluate how effectively they are being used in the classrooms, and whether and how students are better off because of them. With a new platform aiming to measure students’ outcomes within and across schools, administrators can now measure their ROI and make informed decisions regarding their investments in education technologies.

IE Business school in Madrid (Spain) has opened applications for this year’s IE Rockets program. Best described as a mixture of an accelerator, education program, and angel investor, it focuses on startups working in the education technology sphere. The applications will stay open until May 15th.

What’s the best way for students to prepare to lead? Is it an apprenticeship? An MBA? Or something else?
Dr. Diamandis dives into this topic and reports an increasing decline in graduate school admissions, and a shift towards “skill-specific advanced degrees” rather than general programs. While on the other hand, he sees apprenticeship models reemerging as an effective way to train tomorrow’s leaders.

Pearson has set aside $50 million to participate in Series A and Series B financings for education startups, including boot camps, next-gen assessment and credentialing platforms, learning tools and augmented reality technology.
“Because education will look very different in 2030, Pearson, like learners all over the world, will need to continue to learn, adapt and reinvent itself: finding new business models, incorporating emerging technologies into its products and services, and finding new ways to collaborate with education institutions, government, and businesses.“
Pearson Ventures will not operate as an acquisition pipeline.   •   Share
Techstars Startup Digest Startup Digest Education is curated by:
Hrvoje Morić Hrvoje Morić - Educator at the Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Host of The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast
Jemma Israyelyan Jemma Israyelyan - Director at CEED
Raphaëlle Houdot Raphaëlle Houdot - - 🇨🇦🇫🇷 COO at Voilà Learning (language learning disruption)
Laura Truncellito Laura Truncellito - Laura is the founder and CEO of Language Scholars, LLC, a company which seeks to utilize cutting edge technology to enhance global learning and communication.
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