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Startup Digest Education - Issue #9 - Tech In Higher Ed

Another week of great articles! Big companies like EY and IBM are no longer seeing college educations
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Startup Digest Education
Startup Digest Education
The latest news and information about startups and innovations in education.
Another week of great articles! Big companies like EY and IBM are no longer seeing college educations as mandatory, how technology will transform higher education, and some very interesting insights from Kahoot!’s latest research.  
Usually–when it’s discussed at all–the kinds of questions stakeholders in education believe ‘students should be able to answer’ are academic (content-based), or practical (life skills). Like, “How can I use reading strategies to make sense of a text?” or “How do I apply for a job?”
But, what if the questions were ones like these, instead?
“What are people ‘for’? What should a person ‘do’? What is my life philosophy about people and work and knowledge and relationships?”,
“When should I lead and when should I follow? When should I talk and when should I listen?”, and
“What effect do I want to have on the world, and where should I start?”

The author explores a few questions about the role technology plays in higher education:
Will online education replace higher education?
What is the role of faculty in education?
What is the business of higher education?
Can/will technology transform higher education?   •   Share

Some top companies are broadening their hiring criteria by dropping degree requirements. At Penguin Random House U.S., it’s long been policy not to require degrees and consulting firm EY dropped the requirement for its U.K. hires in 2015. Concerns about not being able to find enough workers led IBM to look at new sources of talent–without bachelor’s degrees.
Companies need to do more than just complain about the labor shortage. Ultimately, they are going to need to try new things. Maintaining the status quo has hidden costs, including turnover, higher salaries for unnecessary credentials, and difficulty filling key roles.

Kahoot! releases their second annual EdTrends report. Here are the top 3 trends for this year:
1. Data-driven instruction goes mainstream in K-12 classrooms
2. Insufficient funding and training still stand between teachers and technology adoption
3. Teachers see tech as a must-have for developing strong 21st century skills
4. Google is the top choice in classroom for hardware and software   •   Share

“Foreign education companies should set their sights on assisting ASEAN countries as they start to position themselves as destination markets and look to better educate their students. Offshore branch campuses and in-country delivery will produce the most significant opportunities for providers to access more students. But while there are opportunities, further work is needed on qualification recognition, facilities and English language adoption.”   •   Share
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