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Startup Digest Education - Issue #5

Hope everyone is enjoyed their weekend! Here are the articles that really piqued our interest. What d
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Startup Digest Education
Startup Digest Education
The latest news and information about startups and innovations in education.
Hope everyone is enjoyed their weekend! Here are the articles that really piqued our interest. What do you think, and let us know if there are any you think we may have missed!
Happy Monday
A new report created by The Economist Intelligence Unit assesses how well-prepared 25 countries are for the challenges and opportunities of intelligent automation. The report found that even the countries most ready for the future of work must rethink education and training with a focus on lifelong learning to prepare people for the jobs of tomorrow.
Top 10 countries prepared for automation:
1. South Korea
2. Germany
3. Singapore
4. Japan
5. Canada
6. Estonia
7. France
8. United Kingdom
9. United States
10. Australia

Why is it important that we address sexism and sexual harassment in the education industry—and, particularly, in schools and universities? A sense of ethics or morality is high on the list. The education world is designed to be in service of children and young adults. And if harassment isn’t addressed, can we be comfortable knowing that these practices may, in fact, be “educating” our next generations to engage in the same behaviours? When issues of sexual harassment and sexism go ignored, what does our silence communicate to our children?

India has become the third largest startup ecosystem and since 2012 has produced over 200 new edtech startups every year. Unfortunately, startups have struggled to secure their base, let alone grow. Many of these startups have died a premature death within 18-24 months of being into operation. Although each startup has a different reason for its closure, certain glaring similarities cannot be overlooked:
1. Inability to raise serious money
2. Too many offerings / players reaching the decision maker
3. The Right Mix (Online to Offline System)
4. Lack of Digital Champions at School
5. Patience is a virtue (inadvertently missing)   •   Share

“Ethics and computer science aren’t natural bedfellows.” says Gimbel, but this article focuses on outlining 4 ways in which universities can get the future of field to “think differently about the ramifications of AI and Big Data”.
1. Focus on Real-World Applications of Emerging Tech
2. Consider Diverse Academic Perspectives
3. Discuss Existing Industry Standards as Ethical Guidelines
4. Develop Systematic Methods to Analyze Societal Issues

By Jennifer Carolan of Reach Capital
We’ve come upon a new wave of technology that facilitates empathy building between users, a concept that we once thought would be accomplished via social media. Edtech products who are using empathy technology are breaking barriers between students of different backgrounds and teaching empathy.   •   Share
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