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Startup Digest Education - Issue #42 - Spanish Philosophy, the Dangers of Screen Time & More

We've got a great batch of articles this week from all over the world! Hope you're all having a splen
Issue #42  •  February 11  •  view online
Startup Digest Education
Startup Digest Education
The latest news and information about startups and innovations in education.
We’ve got a great batch of articles this week from all over the world! Hope you’re all having a splendid week.

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Students should build themselves as autonomous subjects in ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. The reflection and the ability to think are essential tools.
This article talks about an intergenerational learning experience, in which young people and older people share together, throughout the school year, a tour of the big questions, schools of thought, and philosophers who have participated in its development.   •   Share

It’s time to cast your vote! Voting is now open for the 2019 class of NextGen: Emerging EdTech Leaders, a program to recognize exemplary individuals with a promising future in educational technology. Polls close February 19, 2019.   •   Share

Camille Cole, an Education Technology Specialist, says not all screen time is created equal, so the key is to find the right balance.
It helps to talk to your child’s teacher about how much class time is spent on a computer. Also, pay attention to what your children are doing online when they have their devices. Is it productive?
Most importantly, according to Camille, is to be the example. If you don’t want your kids to be looking at their phones all the time, then put your phone down, too.   •   Share

Partnership is essential for edtech startups. There are clear advantages for startups to partner with major players in the K-12 market, because of the scale they bring and the advantages they have in getting a new product in front of teachers and students. Large companies also look for partners that can add new dimensions to what they do, as a way to test the waters for possible acquisitions in the future. There are pitfalls, however; failing to recognize what a prospective deal will (and will not) accomplish is one of the biggest mistake a company can make.
Submitted by Laura Truncellito

In the coming years, Russian universities will provide students with the option to submit a report on the launch of their startup to meet the requirement for a thesis paper. As of now, 71 Russian institutions of higher education are already offering this opportunity, and the practice is expected to grow in 2019. As a result, a number of successful businesses have been created, including an education startup that teaches engineering and robotics to children, an online service that provides training in speed reading, and a company that helps detect the presence of antibiotics in milk.
Submitted by Jemma Israyelyan   •   Share

Students nowadays are missing the context in which to apply the knowledge they are gaining. There is a need to adopt a new way of teaching to close the skills gap that advancements in technology have brought about. Here are five ideas for doing so:
1. Ditch the degrees
2. Focus on apprenticeships
3. Reimagine vocational training
4. Build your own school
5. See what’s out there
Submitted by Jemma Israyelyan

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Aurelio Jiménez Aurelio Jiménez - COO at Zapiens Technologies
Hrvoje Morić Hrvoje Morić - Teacher, Podcaster
jen.chin jen.chin
Jemma Israyelyan Jemma Israyelyan - Director at CEED
Diana Anthony Diana Anthony - Diana Anthony is the founder of Figure Eight Investments, a venture capital firm that invests in education
Raphaëlle Houdot Raphaëlle Houdot - - 🇨🇦🇫🇷 COO at Voilà Learning (language learning disruption)
Laura Truncellito Laura Truncellito - Laura is the founder and CEO of Language Scholars, LLC, a company which seeks to utilize cutting edge technology to enhance global learning and communication.
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